how to choose a band

Planning music for your party can be easy and fun. Sure, you need to make many decisions, but because you have so many choices, a systematic approach can help you make everything fit together perfectly.
So, how to select a band for the perfect party? It's simple -- just ask yourself the right questions.
They'll help you quickly find exactly what you want.
No matter what styles of music you're considering, ask yourself first about the atmosphere you want to create. Picture the overall mood you want for your guests. Formal, elegant and sophisticated? Casual and mellow? Upbeat and rousing? Want a theme for your event?
Keep this image in mind as you continue selecting your music. And not just visually...
what do you want your party to sound like?
If your heart's set on one favorite musical style, or if you're open to a few different styles -- for example, jazz, classical, top 40s, disco, or country -- examine what's available:
Ask for recommendations:
  • Friends and colleagues

  • Event Professionals (musicians, facilities, professional planners, photographers, caterers,
    florists, decorators)

  • Entertainment Agencies

  • Local Entertainment Listings (newspaper, radio, magazine)

Contact possible bands...
A few points to check:
  • Speak with the musician who'll actually lead your band.

  • Develop a comfortable rapport -- be sure the "chemistry" is right.

  • Check experience. Get references.

  • Request a free demo cassette, tune list, and related information.

  • Whenever possible, arrange to hear a live performance.

  • Practical issues: Act as MC? Provide PA? Music during breaks? Additional fees for travel or overtime?

Thank goodness you can choose among dozens of musical styles. We specialize in entertaining people with swing standards and traditional jazz favorites, and we've got what it takes to jazz up hundreds of parties each year. While many people share our musical preferences, they're certainly not for everyone.
Whatever styles you prefer, searching systematically will help you select the right music to make your party perfect.